Spin Chimp Review

Posted on 08. Mar, 2011 by afanley in Reviews

Quick Facts

Product Name: Spin Chimp
Standard Price: $15
Author: spinchimp.com
Reviewer: Aaron
Bonus Offered: Yes

Where to Buy

You can buy Spin Chimp from their site by clicking here. Please be aware that the price as listed above could have changed since publishing this review. Purchasing via this link entitles you to our Spin Chimp purchase bonus.

Publisher’s Description

Sick of low quality internet marketing tools that cost way too much? We were, and that is why we created SpinChimp. SpinChimp is very easy to use, extremely quick and massively configurable. It can be used to create unique content for posting to article sites, web blogs, newsletters or whatever other endeavor you use to generate backlinks.

  • SpinChimp supports multiple export profiles. We have created profiles for the most commonly used spin submitters right out of the box. If you like you can even create your own.
  • SpinChimp allows you to create multiple signatures (that may also contain spin) that can be tagged and automatically added to documents as they are exported.
  • Tags may be added to documents allowing related data to be automatically added to a spin. This feature is similar to that of Microsoft Mail Merge.
  • SpinChimp has a unique feature allowing you to upload spun versions of your documents to one or more WordPress blog sites.
  • Can export the formatted document as HTML! All formatting available through the editor can be exported as HTML
  • Each document tab contains three document views – edit view, original view and example spin view.
  • You can actually spin offline! Thats right, this software will work without Internet connectivity.

User Reviews

Spin Chimp Review8.7103
  1. Oscar Orihuela March 2011 #
    Spin Chimp allowed me to spend less than 2 minutes spinning and submiting an article to distribution services. The auto spin quality is so good that all the articles submited for distribution received over 90% acceptance. My rankings have improved a lot because I can pump out more content with backlinks in much less time. SC is a great time saver and a must have tool for anyone who is serious about making money online.
  2. Robert Willoughby March 2011 #
    My conclusion is this is the best article spinner I have tried and if you are new to spinning articles this is a must have as it is much easier to use than the other big boys. I feel that anyone who tries spin chimp no matter if you are a newbie to spinning or a pro will love it. This was one of the best software tools I have ever had the chance to test.
  3. John Chen March 2011 #
    Spin Chimp is such a professionally designed software that I wish all softwares can be modeled after it. It’s sleek, smooth, and cleverly designed. Just the kind of software developed by real professional. Highly recommended!

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